National Clinical Guideline Centre and Dan Radlauer

The National Clinical Guideline Centre (NCGC) was formed in April 2009 following the merger of the National Collaborating Centres for Acute Care, Chronic Conditions, Nursing and Supportive Care and Primary Care. Hosted by the Royal College of Physicians, the NCGC is one of the largest clinical guideline development organisations in the world.

The NCGC is commissioned to develop National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) clinical practice guidelines. NICE guidelines provide care standards within the National Health Service (NHS) for healthcare professionals, patients and their carers on the prevention, treatment and care of people with specific diseases and conditions. The NCGC specialises in producing evidence based guidance and delivers a large work programme covering a wide variety of clinical and health service delivery topics.

The multidisciplinary team that works on guideline development include research specialists in systematic reviewing, health economics and information science, supported by operational and clinical directors, project managers and project co-ordinators.

Each guideline in the NCGC work programme is overseen by an independent guideline development group (GDG). Membership of a GDG comprises healthcare professionals and patient/carer representatives supported by the NCGC technical team. GDGs meet regularly to review evidence and develop guideline recommendations. All guidelines are supported by robust processes for stakeholder consultation, ensuring that all available evidence and perspectives are taken into account prior to publication.

The guidelines provide recommendations for good practice by healthcare professionals. The guidelines are also intended to help patients make informed decisions, to improve communication between the patient and healthcare professional, and to raise the profile of research work. They are generally provided in a full-length version and in various simplified formats for different purposes and audiences. Examples of guidelines produced by NCGC include: Patient experience (Guidance and Quality Standard), Epilepsy, Hypertension, Stable angina, Hip fracture, Anaemia management in chronic kidney disease, Sedation in children and young people, Nocturnal enuresis in children, Transient loss of consciousness, and Chronic heart failure.

The work of the NCGC is overseen by a governance partnership between the Royal Colleges of General Practitioners, Nursing, Physicians and Surgeons. Each college is represented on the NCGC management board, alongside representatives from the Royal College of Physicians Patient and Carer Network, the UK Cochrane Centre, and the South West Strategic Health Authority.

Dan Radlauer and National Clinical Guideline Centre

Dan Radlauer (April 26, 1957, Los Angeles) is an American film and television composer, who was born in Los Angeles and grew up in the eastern suburb of Los Angeles County, La Habra Heights. Radlauer is the recipient of four BMI composer awards and has received special recognition at independent film festivals.

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Early life, musical training, early successes

He started playing music at the age of 8 with guitar and later learned piano, bass, accordion and various other stringed instruments. Great inspiration came from his parents Ed and Ruth Radlauer, who are well known book authors. The advanced musical training he received was while attending school in the music department at Fullerton College in the late 1970s, playing and writing for their jazz and pop groups. During this time he also studied with film composer Albert Harris. Radlauer's big-band composition "Straight Tone and Strive Ahead" is the opening track of the Fullerton College Jazz Band 1983 Down Beat Award winning LP Time Tripping. Radlauer also did notable writing for the big bands Maiden Voyage, the Big Band Jazz Machine, and publisher C.L. Barnhouse.

His first 15 years of professional composing were in the area of TV and radio commercials; companies worked for include Coke, Mattel, Nissan, Greenlight Financial, Albertsons, and Pizza Hut. He has worked in the R&B and pop music fields recording with stars such as Teena Marie and co-produced the original TV's Greatest Hits CD. TV and film scoring

By 2001 Radlauer started to be contracted much more for music scoring in the television and film industry doing feature length work. He has composed music for numerous reality TV, drama, and sitcom shows to include For the Love of Ray J, Ruby, Flavor of Love, and The Surreal Life. He was a contributing writer working with Randy Edelman on the 2008 action adventure film The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Other titles he has also scored as independent, feature length movies, and documentaries include The Reflecting Pool (2008), Bad Guys, Salvation (2007), Pip and Zastro (2006), She Wolves of the Wasteland (1987), Phoenix the Warrior (1988), and Thunder Geniuses. Music education, teaching

As an educator, Radlauer worked at the Idyllwild Arts Academy and at the PS#1 Elementary School in Santa Monica as well as creating music ensembles at New West Middle School in Los Angeles and Pali High School. He has been adjudicating jazz festivals for over 20 years, as well as providing instruction for music educators in Southern California.
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