Carmen María Gallardo Hernández and Sovay

Carmen Maria Gallardo Hernandez in 2014

Carmen María Gallardo Hernández (born 28 November 1949) is the current Ambassador and Permanent Representative of El Salvador to the United Nations, and is the second woman to be appointed to that position. She also serves as Vice-Chairperson of the UN's newly created Peacebuilding Commission and was formerly the Chairperson of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. She also served as the Chairperson of the United Nations Development Programme for the period January to December 2005.

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Ambassador Gallardo Hernández served previously as the Coordinator for International Cooperation for El Salvador's Supreme Court and between 1995 and 1996 she served as the Executive Director of the Salvadoran Foundation for Peace (FUNDAPAZ), an NGO formed after the country's peace accords brought to an end the 12-year civil war in 1992. Ambassador Gallardo has been a champion of the Culture of Peace, organizing among other things the first International Forum on Culture of Peace in San Salvador in 1993.

Previously Ambassador Gallardo Hernández served as Salvadoran Ambassador to France and Portugal (1994) and as El Salvador's permanent delegate to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris (1992–1994). She fully supported Dr Federico Mayor, former Director General of UNESCO.

Ambassador Gallardo has received numerous accolades over the years including being named professional of the year by the El Salvador Bar Association in 1997 and a “Doctor Honoris Causa” in international relations from El Salvador’s Technological University in 1998. The Ambassador has a Masters degree in Parliamentary Interpretation from the University of Geneva and a Bachelors degree in Clinical Psychology from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

More recently in 2007, Ambassador Gallardo has been invited to become a member of the Core Group of the International Task Force on Preventive Diplomacy . The International Taks Force is a multi-year project composed of two structures:A regionally and institutionally balanced Task Force Core Group of 17 experts known for their engagement in preventive diplomacy/conflict prevention; and a High Level Advisory Board of 6 eminent persons, who will support the work of the Task Force Core Group by lending their advice, public outreach, moral standing, and access to media and decision makers. Personal

Born on 28 November 1949 in San Salvador, Ambassador Gallardo Hernández is married to F. Xavier Hernández, an international executive, and has two children and three grandchildren. Sources Foreign Ministry of El Salvador UN: Inaugural session of Peacebuilding Commission

Sovay and Carmen María Gallardo Hernández

Sovay is a traditional English folk song (Roud # 7, Laws N21) about a young woman who dresses and arms herself as a highwayman in order to test her suitor. In disguise she robs her suitor of nearly all his possessions, but even under threat of death he refuses to give up the gold ring given by Sovay, thus proving his devotion. Sovay subsequently confesses the ruse to her lover and returns his various possessions, admonishing him only that had he indeed given up the ring, she would have killed him. The name 'Sovay' is probably a corruption of 'Sophie' or 'Sylvie' - both of which appear instead in some versions of the song.

Versions of the song have been recorded by: Bert Jansch Kate Fletcher Anne Briggs Martin Carthy Pentangle Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith Anne Wylie Band Paisley Close Jah Wobble Keeper's Gate Band Cristina Crawley and Kerstein Blodig James Yorkston Bella Hardy Rasputina The Kipper Family Méav Ní Mhaolchatha Adaptations in other media

In the mid-80s, the song was used as the theme to Isla St Clair's factual children's TV programme The Song and the Story, which examined the tales behind popular folk songs.

In 1993 Charles Vess and Charles de Lint created a short comic book adaptation of the song, originally published in Dark Horse Presents #75. It was reprinted in The Book of Ballads and Sagas #2 in 1995, which in turn was collected in Ballads in 1997.

In 2008 Celia Rees published 'Sovay', a young adult novel which follows a young lady during the time of the French Revolution. She initially becomes a highwayman to test the depth of her fiance's love for her, then to save her father and finally because she enjoys the power and freedom provided by her male attire.

The first vocal track—after a brief instrumental intro track—on Andrew Bird's 2005 album, Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs, is entitled Sovay. The song uses an adapted form of the original's main melody, but Bird's lyric has little-to-no relation, appearing to be a rhapsody on the spiritual fight against socio-political backsliding.
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