Mariano Argento and Constantine Zuckerman

Mariano Argento (5 December 1966) is an Argentine television actor who has primarily appeared on Argentine television. He has appeared in over 15 Argentine television series and films since 1994.

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Argento began as a salesman and in his twenties was a branch manager of Banco del Buen Ayre. He entered the acting profession late and made his first television appearance in Poliladron in 1994. Then in 1995 he starred in the successful children's telenovela Chiquititas (known in English as Tiny Angels), created and produced by Cris Morena. In 1996 he starred in the telenovela 90-60-90 Modelos which first aired on January 8, 1996, on Canal 9 in Argentina. The series, which relates the story about beauty women, who had to choose their own destiny saw Argento feature alongside actors such as Natalia Oreiro, Silvia Kutika, Osvaldo Laport, Coraje Abalos and Florencia Bertotti.

On October 6, 2004 he appeared in an episode of the series Los secretos de papá.

Argento directed Amigos de la infancia in 2003 and in 2009 he featured in the thriller The Secret in Their Eyes. Directed by Juan José Campanella and based on Eduardo Sacheri's novel La pregunta de sus ojos (English: The Question in Their Eyes), Argento appeared alongside Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil, Rafael Godino, Guillermo Francella and Pablo Rago. Filmography Poliladron (TV series, 1994) Por siempre mujercitas (TV series, 1995) Sheik (TV series, 1995) La hermana mayor (TV series, 1995) Chiquititas (TV series, 1995) 90-60-90 modelos (TV series, 1996) Verano del '98 (TV series, 1998) Buenos vecinos (TV series, 1999) Provócame (TV series, 2001) Amigos de la infancia (2003) Soy gitano (TV episode, 2003) Rincón de luz (TV episode, 2003) Los secretos de papá (TV episode, 2004) Vientos de agua (TV episode, 2006) The Golden Door (2006) The Secret in Their Eyes (2009) .... Romano

Constantine Zuckerman and Mariano Argento

Constantine Zuckerman (born 1957) is a French-Jewish historian and Professor of Byzantine studies at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes in Paris.

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Academic rank: professor. Highest degree: doctorate. Job title: The Deputy Director of the Centre for History and Civilization of Byzantium, Collège de France.

Zuckerman is the author of numerous articles about the Byzantine Empire, the Goths, the Armenians, the Huns, the Turkic peoples, the Khazars, the Magyars and the early Rus, among other peoples. In "On the Date of the Khazars' Conversion to Judaism and the Chronology of the Kings of the Rus Oleg and Igor," Zuckerman used Khazar documents (the Kievian Letter, Khazar Correspondence, and Schechter Letter) to call into question the traditional dates for early Kievan Rus leaders. In the same article he asserted that the Khazars converted to Judaism in 861, during the visit of Saint Cyril. Bibliography La Crimee entre Byzance et le Khaganat khazar. Ed. Constantin Zuckerman. Paris: Association des Amis du Centre d'Histoire et Civilisation de Byzance, 2006. 197 pp. Zuckerman, Constantine. (2002) "Heraclius in 625" (Journal Article in Revue des études Byzantines) Zuckerman, Constantine. (2002) On the Origin of the Khazar Diarchy and the Circumstances of Khazaria's Conversion to Judaism (Book Chapter in The Turks, Volume 1: Early Ages) Zuckerman, Constantine. Les centres proto-urbains russes entre Scandinavie, Byzance et Orient / йds. M. Kazanski, A. Nercessian, C. Zuckerman (Rйalitйs Byzantines 7). - Paris, 2000. - Р. 95-120. Zuckerman, Constantine. (2000) "Review of 'Rome and Persia at War, 502-532' by G. Greatrex" (Book Review in Revue des études Byzantines) Zuckerman, Constantine. (1998) Two reforms of the 370s: recruiting soldiers and senators in the divided empire (Journal Article in Revue des études Byzantines ) Zuckerman, Constantine. (1988) The Reign of Constantine V in the Miracles of St. Theodore the Recruit (Journal Article in Revue des études Byzantines) Zuckerman, Constantine. (1995) On the Date of the Khazars' Conversion to Judaism and the Chronology of the Kings of the Rus Oleg and Igor (Journal Article in Revue des études Byzantines ) Цукерман. Перестройка древнейшей русской истории // У истоков русской государственности, 2007. External links about Zuckerman and his fall bibliography.
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