Kujawy, Poland and Brighouse Rangers (1915)

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Kujawy , German Kujau, is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Strzeleczki (Gemeinde Klein Strehlitz), within Krapkowice County, Opole Voivodeship, in south-western Poland.

Before 1945 the area was part of Germany (see Territorial changes of Poland after World War II). Since 2006 the village, like the entire commune, has been bilingual in German and Polish.

The village has a population of 700 people. History Catholic Church World War I Memorial

The first mention of the village dates to 1383, when the Piast Prince Ladislaus II titled himself as Duke of Opole, Prudnik, Dobra, and Kujawy. The name of the village also appears in a tithing register in 1447. Before 1945 it belonged to the district of Landkreis Neustadt O.S.

A parish was founded in Kujawy in the 14th century, when the original church, probably made of wood, was built. The current Church of the Holy Trinity dates to the sixteenth century, and was built in a Renaissance style. The new church was built out of stone and plaster. After the expansion it took the form of a three-name, basilica type church. The church contains many late Renaissance wall paintings, and on the vault are two angels with an Arma Christi display. The church has a wooden, late Baroque altar from the second half of the 18th century, and a Renaissance pulpit from the 16th. In the temple are many historic liturgical objects and bronze candlesticks. The church also has an historic register of marriages, with the oldest records dating to the sixteenth century and made in Polish and German. There is also a palace and park near the town, formerly belonging to an old, landowning family, which were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and are now privately own.

In 1945 Silesia was given to Poland and the German population of Kujau was largely expelled. The town was renamed Kujawy and annexed to the newly created Silesian Voivodeship. In 1950 it was reassigned to Opole Voivodeship, and in 1999 reassigned from Prudnik County (formerly Neustadt O.S.) to Krapkowice County. On 17 May 2006 the entire commune of Strzelecki/Klein Strehlitz was declared bilingual in German and Polish, and on 24 November 2008 the old name German name Kujau was also made official.

There is a memorial in the town to honor all the soldiers from Kujau who fought for Germany in World War I.

Brighouse Rangers (1915) and Kujawy, Poland

Brighouse Rangers was a (semi) professional rugby league club. This club was based in Brighouse, a town within the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale, in West Yorkshire, England. It is situated on the River Calder and has a population of approx 35,000.

The club played in the Wartime Emergency Leagues from 1915-16 to 1918-19 (January) but not the “Victory” League.

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History Early history

The previous Brighouse Rangers Football Club were founded in the 1870s, and joined the RFU in 1879, to become one of the founder members of the new Northern Union in 1895, played in the first season 1895–96, became the first winner of the Yorkshire Senior Competition in 1896–97, and continued for 11 seasons until 1905–06, and disbanded in summer 1906.

This club, Brighouse Rangers was in existence in 1915, but otherwise there is very little publicised information available. Wartime Emergency League

Brighouse Rangers joined the War League for season 1915-16 and spent three and a half years with very little success.

In the first season 1915-16 the club finished bottom out of the 24 clubs with 3 points.

In the second season 1916-17 Brighouse Rangers managed to finish second bottom out of 26 clubs with 2 points. The bottom club York also had 2 points, but had played one game more and therefore had a poorer percentage rating.

In the third season 1917-18 the club managed a slight improvement finishing 18th out of 22.

The next season, 1918-19 (Jan), commenced as another Wartime Emergency League but with the end of the war, the programme was terminated in January 1919, and a quickly arranged and shortened “Victory" League programme was instigated.

This programme was never completed - and no league tables were ever produced.

It is assumed that the club continued to have very limited success and folded before the start of the 1919 (Feb-May) “Victory” League as they do not appear in the league tables for this season.

Note - Nowhere in the official archives is the word "Victory" used. It has been used in this article to distinguish between the two competitions held in the 1918-19 season. Successor clubs

Brighouse Rugby League club have reformed numerous times since then.

The current club are amateurs Brighouse Rangers ARLFC. In the 1970 Brighouse played at Wellholme Park, near the Cricket Club. Towards the approach of the new millennium in 2000, Tesco bought the site including Brighouse ARLFC clubhouse and with the money, the club built anew on Russell Way, off Bradford Road. Records Club league performance Club league record

Heading Abbreviations Pl = Games Played: W = Win; D = Draw; L = Lose; PF = Points For; PA = Points Against; Diff = Points Difference (+ or -); Pts = League Points League points: for win = 2; for draw = 1; for loss = 0. Several fixtures and results

The following a one of Brighouse Rangers’ fixtures for the four seasons in which they participated in the Wartime Emergency League :-

Heading Abbreviations CC Rx = Challenge Cup Round x; WEL = Wartime Emergency League: Notes and comments

1 - The name "Victory" League is not used on official documents. It also has only been used here to distinguish between the two programmes which ran during the 1918-19 season. See also British rugby league system 1915-16 Northern Rugby Football Union Wartime Emergency League season 1916-17 Northern Rugby Football Union Wartime Emergency League season 1917-18 Northern Rugby Football Union Wartime Emergency League season 1918-19 (January) Northern Rugby Football Union Wartime Emergency League season 1919 (Feb-May) Northern Rugby Football Union Victory season History of rugby league The Great Schism – Rugby League View The Great Schism – Rugby Union View List of defunct rugby league clubs Brighouse - Sport - Rugby league
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