Who We Are (Switchfoot song) and Treaty of Alton

"Who We Are" is a song by American alternative rock band Switchfoot, released on September 17, 2013 as the first track on the band's Fading West EP and the lead radio single promoting Switchfoot's ninth studio album, Fading West, which was released on January 14, 2014. On January 21, a single containing three remixes of the song was released.

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Song theme and recording

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Switchfoot bassist Tim Foreman said, "This song takes me back to when our band was first starting out – driving around California stuffed into a minivan with guitars and drums, ready to take on the world. Armed with nothing but a few songs and a wild hope, we were dumb enough to think that it could work. Maybe that's the only way that the world has ever changed, by people dumb enough to try. So here's to everyone who's young and dumb enough to ignore the crowd and believe in who they are."

The song features vocals of Switchfoot members' children. One of the scenes in the Fading West film shows the recording of the song, with vocalist Jon Foreman sitting in the studio on the floor, conducting the children's choir. Critical reception

In a review for Indie Vision Music, Ian Zandi wrote that the song "sets the beat" and is the "best possible track they could have picked to be the start of the Fading West EP." He also added, "Jon sounds cleaner than ever before as his grizzly bear vocals are nowhere to be found. Musically, the song is very spacious. I would compare the atmosphere of the EP itself to the likes of Coldplay, Bon Iver and Arcade Fire. This is not to say that Switchfoot sounds like those bands. They don’t really. It is more of the feeling of the music. It evokes emotions, it is relaxing, engaging, and it’s encouraging. 'Who We Are' may not be my favorite Switchfoot song but it is very fitting." Music video

On September 18, 2013, a music video for "Who We Are" premiered on the Rolling Stone magazine website. It was released onto Switchfoot's official YouTube channel a day later, on September 19. The video consists of scenes from the band's rock documentary Fading West, which were filmed during Switchfoot’s 2012 World Tour, in locations such as the U.S., South Africa, Bali, Australia and New Zealand. Track listing Charts

Treaty of Alton and Who We Are (Switchfoot song)

The Treaty of Alton was an agreement signed in 1101 between Henry I of England and his older brother Robert, Duke of Normandy in which Robert agreed to recognize Henry as king of England in exchange for a yearly stipend and other concessions. The agreement temporarily ended a crisis in the succession of the Anglo-Norman kings.

The previous year, Henry had seized the throne on the death of his brother William II, even though Robert had been William's acknowledged heir. Robert's absence in the First Crusade at the time of William's death, as well as his poor reputation among the Anglo-Norman barons allowed Henry to claim the throne with popular support.

Robert returned from the Holy Land after Henry's coronation, and encouraged by his advisor Ranulf Flambard, he invaded the Kingdom of England in order to claim the throne. He landed secretly at Portsmouth and was met by Henry at the town of Alton.

Henry had solidified his popularity with the nobles and the Church by his issuance of the Charter of Liberties, however, and his popularity allowed him to resist Robert's invasion.

The dispute was settled diplomatically. In the treaty, Robert agreed to renounce his claim to the English throne in exchange for a yearly stipend of 3000 marks and the concession of all but one of Henry's possessions in the Duchy of Normandy. Robert and his followers were allowed to return to Normandy without reprisal from Henry. The two brothers moreover agreed to name each other as heirs and to assist each other in the punishment of traitors.

The agreement was not long-lasting, however. In 1105, Henry invaded Normandy and defeated his brother's army the following year at the Battle of Tinchebray. Robert was imprisoned and died in captivity in 1134. Normandy remained a possession of the English crown for over a century afterwards. See also List of treaties
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